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TautFlex Air Bottles

TautFlex Air is a tough durable waterbased airbrush paint that has superior adhesion to flexible surfaces such as vinyl, leather, canvas and rubber. It also adheres to absorbent surfaces such as paper and fabric, and to rigid surfaces including metal, glass and ceramics.
Waterbased airbrush paints tend to polymerise at the tip and cause clogging particularly at low pressures. TautFlex Air is now being manufactured in the new "tip flow" formula which minimises this problem and allows the artist to airbrush at lower pressures.

Most of the airbrush paints on the market are specific to the substrate or need additives to make them adhere and dry. On the other hand, TauFlex Air is versatile and simple to use.

TautFlex Air is ready to use on most flexible and rigid surfaces. It dries quickly and is completely waterproof.

No need to heat set on fabrics. TautFlex Air can be topcoated with TautFlex Air UV Clear for added protection.

 TautFlex Air is waterbased which means easy cleaning and safer to use.


TautFlex Air can be used without basecoats onto many flexible and rigid surfaces.

  • Vinyl or PVC (eg banners, wheel covers, chairs, jackets) • Leather (eg clothing, furniture)
  • Cast and Calendered Computer Vinyl and Decals • Fabric (eg T-shirts, denim) • Paper and Board
  • Magnetic Sheeting • Rigid PVC (eg Foamalux) • Glass • Ceramics • Polycarbonate Sheeting

We do not recommend applying TautFlex Air directly onto acrylic, polypropylene and polyethylene surfaces. Always test the adhesion of TautFlex on surfaces that are unknown.
Using Viponds TautFlex undercoat on rigid surfaces will fill surface imperfections and improve the adhesion, finish and gloss

  • Timber, MDF, customwood, chipboard • Colourbond and primed metal surfaces Plasterboard • Previously painted surfaces • Fibreglass

TautFlex undercoat can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Sand with 240 - 320 free cut paper for a smooth finish.


TautFlex Air is available in 250 ml easy pour bottles in an extensive colour range including fluorescents and silver pearlescent.



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