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Protection from or the removal of graffiti is an on going problem. The simplest most cost effective method is to immediately paint over the graffiti. This is not practical if the surface is a sign or a mural. These need to be protected with a permanant graffiti coating to allow removal of graffiti with a cleaner or protected with a sacrificial graffiti coating which is removed with the graffiti then reapplied.

Vipond's Graffiti Coat is a waterbased two part permanent coating to protect painted surfaces such as murals.

 It is a clearcoat that is UV resistant and has high chemical resistance allowing solvent removal of graffiti. It is very effective against spray paints used by graffiti artists, but  like other commercially available products some residual ghosting can remain when some felt tip graffiti markers are used. More severe cleaning is required and eventually the coating needs to be reapplied.


Product Data Sheet Graffiti Coat


For the sign market Vipond's Graffiti Proof  was developed to protect vinyl banners that are hand painted or digitally printed. This has the same properties as Graffiti Coat but is highly flexible as is required for vinyl banners. It is ideal for digital prints extending the fade resistance of

 the inks by at least 2 years.

 Product Data Sheet Graffiti Proof


NEW     Protecting reflective signs and digital printed signs against graffiti with permanent coatings is expensive and not always successful. Vipond's Graffiti Peel  is an innovatve waterbased clear coat that is sacrificial without the need to use a solvent cleaner for removal.  On small areas use an adhesive tape to peel the clearcoat and graffiti off the sign or for large areas use a high pressure water washer leaving the sign in its original condition. Apply another coat of clear.

Graffiti Peel is a very cost effective method of protecting your prints. Ideal for short term and long term signage

 Use it to protect


             Billboards                                                     Reflective Signs              Real Estate Boards


The success of Viponds Graffiti Peel is determining the level of adhesion of the clear coat to the sign. 

Ther are different clears depending on the substrate and inks.

It is important to thoroughly test this with the inks and substrates that you are using.


Call our technical team to discuss your application. 


Product Data Graffiti Peel for Reflective Signage


Demonstration on graffiti removal








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