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Choosing Colours Online

The colours that Viponds Paints displays on this website are matched to the best of our abilities when converting them into a digital format. Your screen calibration may affect the colour display a little. 

Viponds Paints recommends using a white background when applying a bright colours such as or Accent shades of Lemon Yellow and Orange. If a different background colour is used this may also create some variation of colour and could potentially effect the opacity of the paint. 

Prior to commencement of a project its recommend to paint a small section with the chosen background colour before applying product on the whole job and ensuring that the colour ordered, when fully dried, meets your expectations; wet paint is lighter in colour than dry paint.

A minimum of two coats are advised for both sampling and final application of paint to your surface.

If you would like a brushed out sample of a colour at A5 size in the paint system you are interest in please contact us. Samples are only available in Viponds Standard colours.