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Matting Agent

Viponds Oil Based Matting Agent is an additive that is added to alkyd enamels to reduce the gloss level. It is effective in any enamel paint that can be reduced with mineral turpentine, such as Viponds Feature Gloss Enamel, Viponds Paving Paint and Viponds Quick Dry Enamel

At Viponds, we understand that achieving the perfect finish is paramount in the world of painting. Our Matting Agent, a precision tool in a painter's arsenal, empowers you to take control of gloss levels with ease and expertise.


Viponds Matting Agent for oil-based paint is your key to transforming gloss levels and achieving the finish you desire. Here are some of its key qualities:

  • Custom finishes — Tailor the gloss level of your alkyd enamel precisely to your project's requirements.
  • Versatile compatibility — Effective with enamel paints that can be thinned using mineral turpentine, including Viponds Feature Gloss Enamel, Viponds Paving Paint and Viponds Quick Dry Enamel.
  • Turn gloss paints to satin — By mixing just 125ml of Matting Agent per litre of paint, you can effortlessly reduce gloss to a satin finish.


Follow these steps to achieve the best possible finish:

  1. Begin with your chosen alkyd enamel paint and a container suitable for mixing.
  2. Mix 125 mls per litre to reduce from gloss to satin.
  3. Stir the matting agent into the paint diligently until you attain a uniform mixture.
  4. Your paint is now primed for application. Consult the instructions on the paint label for surface preparation and application guidance.

Buy Matting Agent for oil-based paints from Viponds

Our Matting Agent is just one example of how we provide you with the tools to achieve professional results. Apart from our Matting Agent, our product selection extends to include options like Artist's Acrylic Matt, Graffiti Coat, Metallic Pastes and more.

For any questions or to explore our complete range of paint products, including our Matting Agent, please reach out to us. Your painting projects deserve the expertise and quality that Viponds offers. Contact us today to master the art of painting effortlessly.

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