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Fluteboard Primer

Thanks to their durable and weather-resistant properties, fluteboards are commonly used for signage, packaging and construction. They also come in various colours, giving them a striking visual appeal that suits different branding or design needs. However, fluteboards must be primed to ensure proper adhesion of paints and ink.

The Vipond's Fluteboard Primer is a solvent-based product that has excellent adhesion to polypropylene. Fluteboard is a general name given to lightweight boards made from polypropylene. Unless it is corona-treated, most paints and inks have adhesion problems.

Surface Preparation

Before coating your corrugated polypropylene sheets with Vipond's fluteboard primer, we recommend cleaning the surface using our Prep Wash. This ensures your fluteboards are free of dust, dirt or debris that could compromise the priming process.


Open the can of primer and stir well. The product is ready for use, but if you deem it too thick, you may thin it out using Vipond's fast-drying thinner. Once you're satisfied with the consistency, apply a thin layer on the surface of the fluteboard using a brush, roller or spray.

Keep in mind that Vipond's fluteboard primer tacks off after five minutes, so work quickly and avoid reworking areas once the primer starts to set for an even application.


Leave your primed fluteboards to dry in a non-humid environment, but away from direct sunlight. After an hour, you may start working on your printing or painting project.

Benefits of applying fluteboard primer

  • Improve durability — Coating your fluteboards with a primer will help maintain their structural integrity and prolong their lifespan.
  • Easier cleaning — Your fluteboard may accumulate dust over time. Priming allows for easier wiping and helps maintain its professional appearance.
  • Better print quality — A well-primed fluteboard will provide a smoother surface, allowing ink to adhere better, resulting in sharper images and text and ensuring your printed designs are crisp and clear.

Invest in Vipond's fluteboard primer today.

We offer a quick-drying fluteboard primer formulated to provide superior adhesion, guaranteeing your corrugated polypropylene sheets are prepped and ready for any painting or printing projects. Should you have further questions, please contact us

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