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Strippable Coating

Viponds Strippable Coating is a clear water thinned paint that when applied to a non-porous surface (eg glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, polycarbonate, acrylic etc) and allowed to dry, it can be peeled off without affecting the surface.

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When painting walls or ceilings, our Viponds Strippable Coating can be applied to surfaces such as window frames, baseboards and trims to protect them from paint splatter and overspray. Once the job is done, the coating can be peeled off with ease.

The Viponds Strippable Coating can also be used as a protective top coat on surfaces like glass, metals, plastic and even delicate finishes. This can prevent dust, scratches or stains from occurring on items during a big move, during an event or while keeping them in storage. 

Another possible use for strippable coating is for applying non-permanent decorations. Viponds Strippable Coating can be applied to walls, windows and ceilings where you can place temporary patterns, graphics or holiday decorations. 


Using the strippable coating is an easy and straightforward process. On a smooth surface that’s free of dirt, grease and oil, apply the well-stirred Viponds Strippable Coating with a spray, brush or rollers. It is essential that the first coat is thick (approximately 2-3 mm wet coat) to allow for easy peeling once dried. You can apply one heavy coat or 2 medium coats with a final topcoat for added water resistance. 

Protect your belongings with Viponds Strippable Coating today

From humble beginnings manufacturing a speciality industrial finish, Viponds now manufactures and sources a full range of premium paints for the architectural, industrial, signwriting, display and digital print industries. With our strippable coating, you can ensure your belongings are protected in any situation, looking just as good when you strip the coat off.

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