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Black Water Based Paint

Viponds Paints have a number of premium black paints with good hiding power that are available in a variable of different gloss levels and have solutions for most surfaces that require painting.

Viponds Acrylic Trim is a water based coating that is ideal for painting doors, skirting boards, architraves or where a harder more scuff resistant coating is required. This Viponds black water based enamel is available in both Satin and Gloss finish.

Viponds Low Sheen Acrylic is a high covering black water based coating that is ideal for Exteriors - for painting murals, feature walls, signwriting and buildings. Viponds Low Sheen Acrylic is also suitable for most interior surfaces. Where a more slightly lower sheen level and improved cleanability is required Viponds Low Sheen Interior Acrylic is recommended.

Viponds Gloss Acrylic in Black is a perfect water based product to apply onto exterior surfaces such as masonry bricks and timber. Its high opacity makes it ideal to use for painting murals. When painting internal surfaces and a gloss finish is required Viponds Acrylic Trim is recommended for best results.

Viponds Acrylic Flat is a water based black paint that is designed to reduce visual imperfections and light reflectivity. This black paint is ideal to use for film making, ceiling paint and walls.

Viponds Ecoshield is a highly scrubbable semi gloss paint that is ideal to use where a harder finish is required. Being a urethane acrylic it has very strong adhesion properties.