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Fluorescent Paint

Fluorescent pigments are very bright pigments that change strength under different light sources. They are brighter than organic pigments and under "black light" they glow very brightly.

Viponds Fluorescent paint is a water thinned acrylic paint using the highest quality fluorescent pigment available for colour brightness and colour retention. Fluorescent paint is inherently transparent which allows light to travel through the paint film and then re-emit light of its own colour.

To enable this to happen it must be applied over a white background. Viponds Fluorescent is ideal for walls, windows and timber. Viponds Fluorescent Clear when applied over white paint, makes the white glow blue when under black light.

Viponds Background White acts as white primer and is specially formulated for superior adhesion to glass and has high coverage.

Tautflex Fluorescent paints are required for painting PVC banner material and where a glossier finish or increased scuff resistance is required.

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Colours are represented digitally above. Where a more accurate representation of colours is wanted you are welcome to request a colour card.


What are fluorescent paints, and how do they differ from regular paints?

Unlike regular paint, fluorescent paint emits bright lights and vibrant colours when exposed to UV light. This is due to fluorescent pigments designed to achieve intense and glowing colours in UV or blacklight conditions. Viponds offers a full spectrum of fluorescent paint in Australia online. For a room that shines bright even in the dark, browse our range today and buy fluorescent paint with ease.

Are fluorescent paints suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

While you can use fluorescent paint for both indoor and outdoor spaces, fluorescent paint might be more vibrant outdoors due to the regular emission of UV lights. However, note that the pigment will fade very quickly if exposed to direct sunlight, so it’s best to use fluorescent paint on shaded surfaces or areas.

What surfaces are best for applying fluorescent paints?

Our range of fluorescent paint at Viponds can be used on a wide range of surfaces, such as paper, canvas, wood, fabric, plastic and more, depending on its formulation. For instance, Viponds Fluorescent is ideal for walls, windows and timber. For applications on glass surfaces, Viponds Background White acts as a white primer and is specially formulated for superior adhesion. When you buy fluorescent paint for use in PVC banners or other glossy surfaces, we recommend the Tautflex Fluorescent paints.

Can fluorescent paints be mixed together to create new colours?

We offer fluorescent paint in colours of white/clear, yellow, green, pink, red, orange and blue. These colours can be mixed to create new, eye-catching hues to use for your space. For more information about our range of fluorescent paint in Australia and what happens when you mix them together, feel free to contact us.

Are there specific techniques or application methods recommended for using fluorescent paints effectively?

To ensure you get the best possible results, ensure the surface to be painted is clean and smooth. Then, for an even and vibrant coat, apply Viponds Background White as a primer or use Viponds Tautflex White for banner applications. After, thoroughly stir the fluorescent paint and apply by brush, roller or spray. For best results, apply evenly with at least two coats for coverage and durability.