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Mural Glazes

At Viponds, we understand the importance of preserving murals, as they often hold cultural and societal significance. That’s why our acrylic paint glazes can be employed as a final coat to seal and preserve the beauty of your mural paintings.

They are ideal to use as a paint extender, to change the sheen levels, seal murals, level out gloss levels across the mural, protect canvas painting and are suitable to be applied on to canvas artwork that is going to be rolled up and transported.

Both the matte and gloss clears are suitable to be mixed into Viponds Metallic Pastes. When a tough acrylic coating is required to protect paint and improve marring issues the Viponds Viponds Ecoshield Acrylic Urethane is recommended. When wanting to protect a mural that has both Viponds Artist's Acrylic range and some Aerosol cans are used then Viponds Ecoshield in clear is recommended.

Reasons to seal your acrylic paintings with a glaze

Since murals or outdoor acrylic paintings are constantly exposed to environmental elements such as sunlight, weather changes and pollution, they tend to fade over time when left unglazed. That’s why it’s essential to seal your artwork, so its beauty can withstand time. Here are some other reasons why you should glaze your mural paintings: 

  • Preserving cultural artefacts
  • Murals often depict history, visually representing cultural traditions and shared values of local communities. By sealing your murals with an acrylic paint glaze, you’re also preserving the cultural identity of your community for the next generation to see.

  • Promotes tourism
  • Murals may serve as visual landmarks, attracting tourists and art enthusiasts. By applying a finishing coat of acrylic paint glazing to your artwork, it can stay vibrant for years to come and captivate the eyes of many onlookers, promoting tourism to your community.

  • Prevents costly restoration
  • Mural restoration can be tough, not to mention costly. So, it’s better to seal it with the right glaze for acrylic paint as soon as you’re finished painting to prevent costly restorations in the future.

    Get your acrylic painting glaze from Viponds

    When selecting an acrylic paint glaze to seal your murals or canvas paintings, be sure to choose a product that is up to the task. At Viponds, we provide high-quality glazes for acrylic paintings, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Order your matte or gloss glaze for acrylic paintings online today to prolong the longevity of your artwork. If you have any questions about our acrylic paints for glazing or other products we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.