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Mural Glazes

Viponds Artist's Acrylic Clear Glazes are available in matt and gloss finishes. They are ideal to use as a paint extender, to change the sheen levels, seal murals, level out gloss levels across the mural, protect canvas painting and is suitable to be applied on to canvas artwork that is going to be rolled up and  transported.

Both the matt and gloss clears are suitable to be mixed into Viponds Metallic Pastes.

When a tough acrylic coating is required to protect paint and improve marring issues the Viponds Viponds Ecoshield Acrylic Urethane is recommended.

When wanting to protect a mural that has both Viponds Artist's Acrylic range and some Aerosol cans are used then Viponds Ecoshield in clear is recommended.