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Chalkboard Paint

Buy chalkboard paint from a trusted source — Viponds. Viponds Chalkboard Paint is water-based paint that dries to a flat, slightly abrasive finish that enhances chalk writing qualities. This acrylic paint is available in black or can be tinted to an unlimited range of colours. When looking for paint that’s durable, long-lasting and vibrant, there’s no other option than Viponds’ premium range. Whether for application in the classroom, kid’s room, on tennis tables or simply add an interactive accent wall in your home, Viponds Chalkboard paint is the solution you need. 


  • Menu boards — Seen often in cafés, our chalkboard paint can be used to create menu boards to display dishes and drinks available on that particular day. When the menu changes or a product is unavailable, you can make alterations easily with an eraser and chalk.
  • Children’s playroom — Instead of using paper, use chalkboard paint to create reusable surfaces for your child to draw on. You can also use these surfaces to teach your little ones how to read and write.
  • Accent wall — Having a wall in your home painted with chalkboard paint creates a visually appealing accent wall and allows you to draw non-permanent designs or list down important daily reminders.
  • Table tennis — Whether you’re creating a DIY ping pong table or revamping an existing table tennis top, Viponds Chalkboard paint is an easy fix. 


On a clean and primed surface, thoroughly stir the paint and apply the paint evenly with a spray, brush or roller. For the best results, apply two thin, even coats and allow at least 24 hours before using. Once dry, we recommend using soft chalk rather than hard waxy chalk. 

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From black to any colour you desire, Viponds Chalkboard paint is the versatile solution you need for a truly interactive surface. Buy chalkboard paint and enjoy Australia-wide shipping and a wide range of secure payment options.

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