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TautFlex DIY is a satin version of TautFlex for the “do it yourself” market.
Available in an unlimited range of tinted colours.
Applications include:
• Furniture
• Blinds
• Canvas awnings
• Car trims & more

TautFlex Fashion

TautFlex DIY Fashion Colours are a range of colours conveniently packaged in 100ml bottles.
Ideal for:
• Shoes
• Handbags
• Belts
• Jackets & much more


TautFlex is tough, flexible water based coating that has superior adhesion to flexible and hard vinyl surfaces. Available in a wide range of colours, and dries to a gloss.
Among the many commercial and industrial applications:
• Tautliners
• Vinyl banners
• Blinds
• Shoes
• Motor vehicle trims
• Leather & more

TautFlex Undercoat

TautFlex undercoat is formulated to allow for to allow TautFlex and TautFlex DIY to adhere to previously painted water based paint coatings that are in sound condition. TautFlex Undercoat is also suitable to be used on raw plaster board and timber. Contact us if you need a recommendation for a primer that is suitable with TautFlex and suitable for the surface you want to paint. Note- not all surfaces need priming prior to applying TautFlex or TautFlex DIY.

TautFlex Air

TautFlex Air is TautFlex that is ready to use in an airbrush. Versatile on a range of flexible and rigid substrates.

TautFlex SLK Benz

TautFlex Benz is used to repair and paint interior trim including consoles and dashboards on the SLK model Benz. The models include SLK 230, 200, 320 and AMG 32
 - all with the same body code R170.


What is TautFlex coating?

TautFlex coating is a water-based polyurethane paint that provides good adhesion to various surfaces where flexible paint is required. It dries hard like an enamel finish, making it a popular choice for many applications.


What surfaces can TautFlex coating be used on? 

TautFlex coating can be used on many surfaces, including PVC banner material, polyurethane, canvas, ABS, some plastics, and many hard surfaces made of PVC without needing a primer. However, it is not recommended to be used over other coatings without testing.


What are the benefits of using TautFlex coating?

TautFlex coating has unique properties that allow it to be used directly on some surfaces without needing a primer. It also has good block resistance, which ensures that the paint does not stick to itself if two painted surfaces are touching each other.


Is TautFlex coating easy to apply?

TautFlex coating can be applied using various methods, including brush, spray, and rolling. It has superior self-levelling properties compared to most normal paint coatings, making it easy to apply.


How long does TautFlex coating last?

TautFlex coating is a water-based coating with excellent durability, and it can last more than 10 years when used in a suitable application. For more information about the fading of colours, contact the manufacturer contact us for further information.


Is TautFlex coating environmentally friendly?

TautFlex coating is a low-odour, water-based coating, making it an environmentally friendly option.


Can TautFlex coating be used for waterproofing?

TautFlex coating can be used for waterproofing on a range of surfaces, including PVC banner material, polyurethane, canvas, ABS, and some plastics. It is a water-based coating with good adhesion and durability, making it suitable for outdoor applications. 


How can TautFlex coating be removed or repaired if needed?

To touch up or change the colour of the TautFlex coating, a light sanding is required. Once this is done, all that needs to be done is the removal of dust, and the surface needs to be cleaned.


Does TautFlex coating come in different colours?

TautFlex coating comes in a stock selection of bright colours, and it can also be tinted to RAL colours, Pantone colours, and Australian standard colours.


Is TautFlex coating resistant to UV rays?

TautFlex coating is highly resistant to UV rays. When considering colour selection, it is best to talk to us for advice on which colours have superior colour light fastness.