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Graffiti Coat

Viponds Graffiti Coat Primer is a water based clear that has been formulated to apply as a primer to improve the adhesion of Graffiti Coat onto painted surfaces 

Viponds Graffiti Coat is a two pack water based clear coat that can be applied to painted and unpainted surfaces to allow easy removal of graffiti. The clear coat forms a very hard UV protectant finish that allows solvent removal of the graffiti using Viponds Graffiti Cleaner. Available in gloss and satin finishes.

When applying Viponds Graffiti Coat over Viponds Gloss Acrylic, Low Sheen Exterior Acrylic, Viponds Artist's Matt , Viponds Artist's Gloss and over aerosol cans graffiti primer is recommended for best results.

Graffiti Coat Product Information Download

Graffiti Coat Primer Product Information Download