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Artist's Impasto Gel

Whether you’re looking for a gel impasto to create bold and dynamic effects for your artwork or to increase the viscosity of your water-based acrylic paints, Viponds has exactly what you need — just stir in a small amount to increase the viscosity and achieve more body and texture in your water based paints. Discover our impasto gels and get ready to elevate your creativity and artistic expression.


Impasto gel is a paint additive designed to add texture and body to your artwork. When mixed with paint, it thickens the consistency, allowing for more pronounced brush and knife marks, making it ideal for creating three-dimensional effects.

  • Canvas  

Mixing paint with impasto gel on a canvas allows you to build layers, create thick, expressive brushstrokes and achieve three-dimensional effects in your paintings.

  • Wood

Because of its dense composition,impasto gels adhere well on wooden surfaces, allowing you to create prominent brushstrokes and rich layers while making room for intricate detailing.

How to prep:

Preparing the surface is key for successfully applying paint mixed withimpasto gel. Any dust, debris or residue from previous paint jobs can affect the adhesion and finish of the mixture. 

Prime the surface

After cleaning the surface, coat it with a thin layer of primer. This step enhances the adhesion of the impasto gel to the surface, ensuring a more durable finish. Priming the surface also aids in faster drying of the impasto gel, acting as a barrier to prevent any paint from bleeding or seeping through the surface.

Combining impasto gel with paints

In a separate mixing tray, blend theimpasto gel with your chosen paint. Follow the ratio recommendations, as the amount of gel added will determine the thickness and texture of the paint you apply.

Drying and curating 

Allow sufficient time for the paint andimpasto gel mixture to dry. The drying time may vary depending on the thickness of the application and the weather conditions. 

By following the above steps, you can effectively useimpasto gel mixed with paint to achieve textured, three-dimensional effects in your artwork.

Mix your water-based acrylic paints with Viponds’impasto gel 

Create thick, expressive brushstrokes and explore layering techniques when you mix your water-based acrylic paints with our impasto gel. Viponds also offers a range of primers you can use to prep the surfaces of your artwork. For more information on how to use ourimpasto gel, feel free toreach out to us.