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Alligator Brushware

Alligator Brushware — the perfect signwriting brush sets

An Alligator brush is an essential tool for any aspiring — or experienced — signwriter. Admired across Australia for their high quality and superior on-the-job performance, Alligator Brushware is the paintbrush with bite!

Whether you’re creating a small sandwich board for a local store to display or a large-scale display for a major retailer, you’ll be sure to find the perfect brush among our selection of Alligator signwriting brushes. You can tackle any job confidently, assured that you’ll deliver your best work and that your client will be satisfied with the outcome.

Signwriting paint brushes differ from more traditional paint brushes for large-scale painting. Thanks to their thinner brushes and uniquely pointed tips, they allow you to create very precise and intricate designs. This lends them a deft touch and ease of use that you simply can’t get from chunkier brushes. They’re excellent for working with acrylic and oil paints alike and will clean easily. Provided they’re cared for properly, they’ll also retain their point and won’t fray.

Whether you’re a new apprentice in signwriting or are a longtime professional, adding an Alligator brush — or even better, a set of them — to your kit will keep you equipped for any task. No professional signwriter in Australia can afford to be without a signwriting brush set.

Quality across a diverse range of materials

Alligator signwriting brushes are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, allowing you to tackle just about any style of lettering your client requires. With flat edges, chisel edges and dagger liners, you’ll be able to create the images and text that your clients need perfectly. Ensure that you’re distinguishing yourself from the competition with your superior skills by investing in superior equipment.

Our range of signwriting paint brushes from Alligator includes brushes manufactured from a variety of substances, including sable, squirrel and synthetic. With sturdy wooden handles on every brush, you’ll be able to easily manoeuvre the brush over the surface of the sign, while also ensuring that it will stand up to the rigours of regular use.

It’s important to ensure that you’re cleaning your brushes and storing them appropriately in order to preserve their longevity, too. Here at Viponds, we also stock a range of thinners so that you can easily wash out your brushes, even after the toughest tasks.

Viponds — your leading supplier for signwriting brushes in Australia

Here at Viponds, we understand the importance of having high-quality brushes and paints to perform a job well. That’s why we make sure that we only stock the best Alligator signwriting brushes for our clients while also offering a complete selection of supporting products, such as prep coats, paints, solvents, lacquer and more. You’ll find everything you need for your signwriting business.

Our range of signwriting brushes in Australia is always expanding — so make sure that you check back regularly to see what’s been recently added.

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