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A versatile Premium Quality waterbased Acrylic Gloss or Matt Paint for Art, Craftwork, Folk Art and Murals.





Vipond's Artists Acrylic Paint can be used for all forms of painting. The artist can achieve impasto, gouache and water colour

effects from the one paint. Use it to decorate craft items made from terracota, plaster, fabric, paper, metal and timber or

 use it to paint an outdoor mural. The applications are endless.


Gloss and Matt

Available in gloss finish or the traditional matt finish. The gloss paint produces very bright and colour effects.

Mix the two to produce satin finishes. All colours can be intermixed to produce an infinite colour range.

Both are suitable for interior and exterior use.



Forget about expensive small tubes. Vipond's Premium Artists Acrylic paint is available in economical 200 ml and 1 litre plastic jars,

allowing the professional and student artist to experiment with colour and texture at a reasonable cost.

This product is a must for schools and colleges.

AVAILABLE IN 200 ml and 1 litre jars  = easy pour  + heavy duty + airtight reseal  +  no spills during transport.

        also available in 4 litre pails 


  • thin and clean equipment with water
  • non toxic
  • colours can be easily intermixed
  • fast drying even when applied in thick sections
  • excellent water resistance and mar resistance 

  • high adhesion to all absorbent surfaces
  • excellent durability and non- yellowing
  • very good flexibility providing maximum resistance to cracking even

         when applied in thick sections

  • interior or exterior use 


A number of additives and clearcoats are available

RETARDER - Retards the drying of the paint and increases the flow and wet edge

IMPASTO GEL  -  increases the viscosity of the paint to allow a high film build

ACRYLIC GLAZE  - Gloss or matt to use as a clear top coat or to mix with the paint to increase transparency

GRAFFITI COAT  - Waterbased clear coat to allow easy removal of graffiti 


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