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 The use of popular acrylic wall paints as the base coat to apply self adhesive digital prints onto walls has created some issues. The main problem has been loss of adhesion of the print after a few days.

Self Adhesive Prep Coat has been especially formulated to enhance the adhesion of self adhesive digital prints onto internal and external surfaces. It is a low VOC water based paint that dries quickly with minimal odour.


Self Adhesive Prep Coat is an all in one primer and topcoat. It has been developed to have superior adhesion to a variety of substrates, whilst drying to a hard finish that is resistant to scratching and marring. Self Adhesive Prep Coat provides an ideal surface for applying permanent and removable self adhesive digital prints made from vinyl, polyester or canvas. Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Avery Dennison have tested our product with their wallpaper vinyls and recommend the use of Self Adhesive Prep Coat. 

Download  Avery and Viponds Specification 

Self Adhesive Prep Coat is classified as non hazardous and is low in odour and is ideal to be used in “on site” applications.

Product Information



A fast evaporating solvent containing isopropyl alcohol 

to clean and dry all surfaces before applying self adhesive

 vinyl and to clean vinyl surfaces before painting.

 20 litre, 4 litre, 1 litre, 500ml

Product Information



PREP LUBE concentrate

A  solution that is used to lubricate the substrate before applying vinyl films.

 It allows the applicator to accurately position the vinyl and enhances the

 adhesion of the vinyl. Ideal for glass. It can also be used to clean the


 500ml makes 4 litres of solution.

  Product Information 

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