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Floating Land - Ash Keating

I feel incredibly fortunate to be included in the 2021 Noosa Floating Land biennial on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

I acknowledge the Kabi Kabi people on whose land my art project will be installed upon and the Wurundjeri people on whose land the work was created.

Being under lockdown in Melbourne and unable to travel meant that I needed to consider a simple approach that could still be ambitious in scale and yet easy enough to transport and install.

I love finding ways to repurpose used or second-hand materials in my practice and purchased 30 timber household doors in an auction earlier in the year. When it came time to settle on an idea for Floating Land, I started to think about painting an interconnected work in the studio, utilising both sides, which would then allow for the doors to be individually installed in the landscape in any direction. 

The painting itself was purely an improvised abstraction, utilising the most vivid of fluorescent colours. I took inspiration from images in the memory bank of luminous sunsets and raging bushfires.

I’m excited to have handed over complete creative control to the team at Noosa, and in the coming days they will install the doors in configurations they deem most appropriate.

Ash Keating

Ash Keating used Viponds Fluorescent Paints on artwork for Noosa Floating Land Biennial.

Ash Keating Painting Using Vipond Fluorescent Paint